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Spearfishing Neo Kit

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This kit includes; High quality Neo spearfishing fins of your choice, a high quality powerful - full aluminum body - Hunter speargun + shaft, a stainless steel fish stringer, neoprene socks and a professional spearfishing mask + snorkel set from Divein.

Select between the following spearfishing fins models; Leaderfins Neo Green, Leaderfins Neo Deep Blue and Leaderfins Golden Sand freediving and spearfishing fins.

Select a Hunter speargun at the right length for your needs (available in lengths of 70-110 cm / 27-43 inch).

Supplied with high precision 6mm Inox Tahitian shaft, stainless steel fish stringer and neoprene socks.
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Spearfishing Neo Kit
Leaderfins Neo Green Fins
Leaderfins Neo Deep Blue Fins
Leaderfins Neo Golden Sand Fins
Seatec Hunter Speargun
Seatec Hunter Speargun
Seatec Hunter Speargun Handle & Trigger Mechanism
Stainless Steel Fish Stringer
Stainless Steel Shaft Extractir
Divein Hunter Black Mask
Divein Hunter Green Mask
Divein Hunter Brown Mask
Divein Micro Mask
Divein Pioneed Snorkel
Divein Neoprene Dive Socks
Seatec Speargun Bag
Leaderfins Long Fins Bag
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Spearfishing Neo Kit
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The perfect kit for your spearfishing needs! This kit includes; High quality Neo spearfishing fins of your choice, a high quality powerful - full aluminum body - Hunter speargun + shaft, a stainless steel fish stringer, neoprene socks and a professional spearfishing mask + snorkel set from Divein.

Spearfishing Fins

High quality freediving and spearfishing fins, hand made from a high quality carbon / fiberglass composite, processed under vacuum in molds. The fin blades are covered with a thin neoprene material with a Teflon surface. Equipped with soft and comfortable TPR rubber foot pockets and full length rubber rails for maximum blade protection, hydrodynamic stability and silent movement underwater. All Leaderfins fins are supplied with a one-year warranty for materials and craftsmanship.


High quality classic Hunter speargun from Seatec. Easy to use with clear line of sight and high accuracy. The speargun barrel is made from ø28 mm anodized aerospace grade aluminum. The barrel is coated with Polyurethane foam with an Integrated shaft guide, allowing amazing power and accuracy. Supplied with 16 mm rubber and ø6 mm Inox shaft (single flap).

Mask + Snorkel

High quality low volume spearfishing mask from Divein. Soft and comfortable silicone skirt and strap. Equipped with tempered glass lenses and quick adjustment strap buckles. The unique lens design allows an extra wide field of view + Flexible hypoallergenic silicone Pioneer snorkel from Divein. Anatomically designed to allow effortless breathing and comfort. Great for freediving, spearfishing and snorkeling.

Fish Stringer

High quality stainless steel fish stringer for securing speared fish to the diver. Prevents the need to get back to the boat everytime you spear a fish! Easy to use, designed for fast and easy loading and unloading.

Neoprene Socks

High quality black dive socks from Divein. Made from 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 mm neoprene with a Termo nylon interior and black nylon exterior these neoprene socks are great for improving thermal insulation in the winter and in cold waters and for fitting adjustment for your fins.

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Spearfishing Neo Kit
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